Clinics and Services

Clinics and Services

We provide a range of services and clinics.

The service we offer has been tailored specifically for care homes. Unlike the current model offered, our staff are responsible for only those patients who reside in care homes. This is why we believe the best place for our team to be in, is the community. By always being on the road, we are able to deal with queries quicker and more efficiently.

Regular weekly/bi-weekly visits to all homes.

A medical assessment of each resident upon admission.

Follow up medical assessments at least twice a year.

Post-hospital discharge medical assessment and medicines reconciliation.

Medicines review at least once a year.

Urgent same day emergency visits.

A multi-disciplinary approach with care home staff and other health/social care services.

Medicines optimisation pharmacist available to residents.

Community matron support.

If you would like to book one of these clinics, please book your appointment online, or contact us on 0203 930 0270.

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